Like you probably would have guessed by now, my name is Eva Wertheimer. I am a newbie to the actual ‘business’ of photography who wanders around the beautiful city of Amsterdam. I grew up in Dordrecht, a city in the south of Holland, and moved to Amsterdam in 2005 for my bachelor degree in Social Work. 

When I studied graphic design for a year in Rotterdam in 2002, I discovered my interest in photography. This one-semester-course of photography was real basic and of course analogue, but it was a starting point. And my love and fascination grew. By now I’m truly addicted to making photos… for which there is no cure, except just to make some more!

With my background in social work, I always look to capture stories in faces, events or street scenes. Stories that include people, because I believe every single one of us human beings has a tale of our own.